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Andrew J. Baer professional liability attorney

Andrew J. Baer


504 593 0604

New Orleans, LA

Mr. Baer is a member of the Commercial Litigation and Labor & Employment teams focusing primarily on professional liability defense. He defends clients against legal malpractice claims, involving suits pertaining to contested settlements, BP litigation, and various other claims.

He also aids clients addressing commercial litigation claims when faced with FDCPA, UCC, and general contract disputes.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Baer served as a law clerk at a multinational conglomerate engineering, procurement and construction company.

While in law school, Mr. Baer was the recipient of the AJ Spedale Scholarship and the John Roger Tharp Scholarship given to recipients that show promise in becoming a “lawyer’s lawyer” in the John R. Tharp tradition.

“I provide clients with a realistic outlook on the claims presented and focus on exploring the most realistic avenues of success”

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