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Jimmy A. Castex, Jr. construction attorney

Jimmy A. Castex, Jr.


504 593 0607

New Orleans, LA

As a construction litigation attorney, Mr. Jimmy Castex represents stakeholders involved in a variety of construction projects.

Construction projects can be complex, expensive and stressful, and Mr. Castex lends his knowledge to many insurance companies, corporations and self-insured companies in areas including:

  • professional negligence of design professionals (both architects and engineers)
  • claims for defective workmanship (contractors and subcontractors)
  • claims for defective products (material suppliers)
  • claims for delay (caused by the owner, the owner’s representative(s), the contractor and/or a subcontractor)
  • payment claims (both claims for payment of sums promised in the construction contract and claims for the payment of additional sums due to changes in the scope of the work)
  • the enforcement of mechanic’s liens (contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers)

While his role is primarily in construction, he maintains a diverse practice, which includes Construction Litigation, Workers' Compensation Litigation, Redhibition, Commercial Litigation, General Civil Litigation, Premises Liability, Unfair Trade Practices and Products Liability. Mr. Castex is admitted in all Louisiana state and federal courts and divides his practice between state and federal court.

Mr. Castex proudly served his country as an active duty member of the United States Army from 1985-1989, and a member of the United States Army Reserves between 1990 and 1993. As a combat medical specialist, Mr. Castex was assigned to the Third Armored Division, 3rd Battalion, 1/36 Infantry, and then with the 4010th US Army Field Hospital.

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