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Beverly Aloisio DeLaune professional liability attorney

Beverly Aloisio DeLaune


504 593 0759

New Orleans, LA

Ms. DeLaune is a New Orleans professional liability attorney defending claims against attorneys, accountants and insurance agents. Ms. DeLaune assists clients in responding to disciplinary complaints; professional liability lawsuits; and civil and criminal subpoenas seeking information regarding services provided to clients under potential investigation/facing civil liability.

For over 15 years, she has obtained favorable results in legal malpractice actions, including multiple dismissals on dispositive motions. Ms. DeLaune has also handled disciplinary matters before the Louisiana Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

Ms. DeLaune was involved with the Louisiana State Legislature for a number of years. She has worked with the House of Representatives Rural Caucus, the House of Representatives Acadiana Delegation and the Legislative Research Library.

DeLaune enjoys attending LSU sporting events, especially baseball, participating in activities with her kids, baking, painting ceramics and reading suspense novels.

“I try to work very hard to obtain the best results for my clients.  That result may be taking the matter to trial or determining that early resolution of the matter is in the client's best interest. I have a good reputation in the community as having integrity and being knowledgeable in my field.  Needlessly fighting with opposing counsel rarely benefits clients, so I try to work well with all parties involved in our litigation.“

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