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Karuna Dave

Karuna Davé


504 593 0664

New Orleans, LA

Karuna Davé is an associate in the firm's Commercial and Professional Liability practice and focuses on malpractice claims.

As an attorney on the Commercial Litigation and Professional Liability teams, Karuna primarily defends clients against claims of legal and accounting malpractice. In addition to her professional liability practice, Karuna assists the firm in labor & employment and civil litigation matters.

Karuna has special interest in consumer finance and bankruptcy resulting from her work as an intern during law school.  As an intern, she worked in the consumer department at Southeast Louisiana Legal Services assisting consumers in responding to collections actions and filing chapter 7 bankruptcies.  She also interned with a judge at the bankruptcy court for the District of NJ, where she conducted research and watched motions and hearings of bankruptcies under chapters 7, 9, 11, and 13.

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