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David K. Groome, Jr. civil litigation attorney

David K. Groome, Jr.


504 593 0769

New Orleans, LA

Mr. Groome has tried over 100 jury trials and many more judge trials. He is admitted to practice before every state and federal court in both Louisiana and Mississippi.

New Orleans attorney David Groome represents clients in general civil litigation, including products liability (offshore hoists, ladders, gas plants, latex gloves and vehicles), transportation (rail, air and road), toxic tort (benzene, phosgene and asbestos), and premises liability matters. Many of his cases involve serious injury and death.

Mr. Groome represents corporate clients, insurance companies and their insureds. Sample cases run from class action chemical exposure claims to single vehicular/motorist accidents.

Prior to joining the firm, he was the lead counsel representing an asbestos client in a mass tort case involving several thousand plaintiffs across Louisiana and Mississippi.

Mr. Groome enjoys traveling and has resided in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil. He speaks Portuguese and has a working knowledge of Spanish.

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