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Margaret M. Guidry

Margaret M. Guidry


504 593 0652

New Orleans, LA

Margaret Guidry joins Deutsch Kerrigan LLP as a member of the Civil Litigation Department. In her practice, she relies on her skills in thorough investigation, review, and command of the facts to obtain leverage in her cases.

Ms. Guidry defends her clients against claims related to commercial transportation and insurance defense matters. That practice has expanded to cover automobile liability claims, trucking and transportation claims, personal injury defense matters, and other civil litigation claims.

At the start of her career, Ms. Guidry worked as a law clerk at a Plaintiff’s personal injury firm dealing with automobile accident related personal injury matters. Since then her work shifted to include maritime insurance defense, particularly providing assistance in the medical aspects of Jones Act cases.

She is also a Notary Public for Jefferson Parish in Louisiana.
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