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Scott J. Hedlund construction attorney

Scott J. Hedlund


504 593 0610

New Orleans, LA

As a partner in the Construction Section of Deutsch Kerrigan, Scott J. Hedlund represents his construction clients against litigation claims.

Mr. Hedlund concentrates in construction litigation defense and law focusing on design professionals, including architects, engineers, and contractors. He defends coverage issues under various insurance policies as well as the emerging field of green building design and LEED certification. Additionally, his practice includes contract negotiation, protection of security interests such as Statements of Claim and Privilege and Materialman Liens and assisting clients in avoiding litigation.  When disputes cannot be resolved, Mr. Hedlund defends his clients in both State and Federal Court including issues related to errors and omission against architects and engineers and construction defects against contractors.

A native of New Orleans and an Eagle Scout, Scott graduated from Brother Martin High School before earning a degree in Civil Engineer at LSU.  Before returning to LSU to earn his JD and an MBA, he passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam to become a licensed Engineering Intern.  An active member of the Krewe of Thoth Charity Committee, Scott lives in New Orleans’ Warehouse District with his wife, Jacqueline.

“Thanks to a background in Civil Engineering, I know the language everyone in Construction speaks and can read a set of plans to better assist my clients”
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