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Autumn Breeden

Autumn T. Breeden


228 265 6988

Gulfport, MS

Autumn takes pride in defending both Mississippi and Louisiana clients and working with them to resolve their commercial litigation, professional liability and insurance disputes.

Her goal is always to help clients achieve their desired outcome by brainstorming unique solutions and approaches to their problems and guide them through every facet of litigation from discovery through hearings and trial, if necessary. By taking the time to understand her client’s position and maintain clear lines of communication with her clients, Autumn is able to achieve a better opportunity for efficient and successful resolutions to litigation.

Autumn received her juris doctorate from The University of Mississippi School of Law where she served as an Executive Editor on the Law Journal, a Law Clerk for Judge Michael P. Mills of the US District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi, and as a Law Clerk for Chancellor Robert Whitwell of the 18th Chancery Court District in North Mississippi. Prior to joining Deutsch Kerrigan, Autumn served as a summer law clerk with the firm, gaining comprehensive knowledge of legal practice and procedure. 

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