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Barbara Bossetta

Barbara L. Bossetta


504 593 0668

New Orleans, LA

Barbara L. Bossetta uses exceptional case management and litigation defense skills to defend commercial transportation clients.

Using her wealth of experience, Ms. Bossetta represents clients in personal injury and commercial insurance defense matters in all phases of litigation.  She provides her clients with the best possible representation because of her ability to understand and immerse herself in the subject matter.

Barbara also has extensive experience in oil and gas operations, transactions, production, refinery defense, and chemical plant defense after representing Occidental/Oxy, Inc. and their subsidiaries for numerous years.  She has also defended toxic torts and environmental claims.

Ms. Bossetta has considerable experience managing cases from start to finish and winning defense verdicts in both bench and jury trials at the state court levels. She has also recorded numerous appellate briefs which have been presented before federal and state appellate courts.

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