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Judy Burnthorn professional liability attorney

Judy L. Burnthorn


504 593 0688

New Orleans, LA

For over 25 years, Judy Burnthorn has represented insurance carrier and insurance guaranty association clients in all types of commercial matters before juries, judges and arbitration panels.

Judy is a professional liability attorney defending life, health, disability, directors & officers, and errors & omissions claims for the insurance industry and malpractice suits for CPAs, attorneys, surveyors, appraisers and insurance agents.  She also is experienced defending claims of employment law, securities and commodities fraud, and insurance.

Representing financial institutions, Judy combines her experience and determination to address issues that arise from investors, borrowers, depositors, employees and the federal government. She has addressed immediate concerns and prevailed when prosecuting actions on behalf of financial institutions, including fidelity bond actions and contested foreclosures.

During her career, in multiple situations, she has represented excess carriers in settlements eliminating multi-million dollar exposures claimed by the plaintiffs to exceed the attachment point, without any settlement by the excess carrier.

Judy and her husband George N. Guild, Jr., M.D. split time between their homes in New Orleans and cotton & tree farms in Mississippi. She is a member of Covenant United Methodist Church. She loves snow skiing, Andalusia, and reading works by Ernest Hemingway. She also enjoys flamenco music, corridas, shooting, farming, scuba diving and boating.

Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Burnthorn completed an externship with the Honorable Martin L.C. Feldman, USDC, E.D.La.
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