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Marian Mayer Berkett

Marian Mayer Berkett

In Memoriam

504 593 0673

New Orleans, LA

Marian Mayer Berkett joined Deutsch Kerrigan in August 1937 as an associate. During her years with the firm she has been engaged in many issues and areas of practice, finally narrowing her diverse practice to Construction Law, Fidelity and Surety Law, and Successions (Probate matters).

In the course of many years, she has had phenomenal success as a trial lawyer, bringing to successful conclusion approximately 97% of a multitude of cases in which she has often defended the unfavored client.

Judge Alvin Rubin, lately of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, said of her: 
"Her achievements as a trial lawyer are legendary. Beginning at a time when there were few if any, women trial lawyers in the United States, she tried lawsuits with superb ability, skill, intelligence and strategy, yielding no ground to any opponent. She was a strong advocate without becoming hostile or aggressive yet ever vigilant to protect the interest of her client." 

She has authored articles for the Tulane Law Review and published "Workmen's Compensation Law in Louisiana" (Louisiana State University Press, 1937).

Ms. Berkett has also contributed significantly to her community, serving as the Honorary Chair of the Louisiana Civil Service League and receiving its Lifetime Achievement Award. Additionally, she was a member of the Louisiana Civil Service Commission and of the Jefferson Parish Louisiana Charter Commission. Ms. Berkett was also Vice-President and Treasurer of Family Service Society, and a member of the Board of the Council of Social Agencies and of the Community Chest, the National Conference of Christians and Jews, and the Dean's Council of the Tulane Law School.

“I remember a case where I got the largest settlement of the era in the 1930s.  It’s hard to believe that $10,000 was the value of a life."

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