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Matthew T. Biggers


504 593 0648

New Orleans, LA

Matthew T. Biggers zealously works to enhance his clients’ position in any case. As a member of the Deutsch Kerrigan Commercial & Professional Liability department, he defends businesses against professional liability and labor and employment claims.

Having a working knowledge in a variety of business entities allows Matthew to assist his clients in all facets of the labor and employment industry.  As a true litigator, Matthew crafts concise, well-supported, and creative arguments that distill complex legal positions into easily understandable arguments.  His aggressive nature allows him the ability to dissect opposing arguments to limit their legal impact.

Matthew has experience in both the private law practice and as an in-house counsel for private corporations.  During his time in the private law sector, he advised clients on insurance coverage and defense issues.  As in-house counsel, he managed company labor and employment issues, real estate transactions, as well as other business and commercial transactions such as trademarks, intellectual property, and contract regulations.

One noteworthy success while acting as in-house counsel, Matthew negotiated a $117 million deal of secured credit for a publicly traded company.
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