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Joey Devall maritime attorney

Joseph A. Devall


504 593 0636

New Orleans, LA

In his litigation defense practice, Joey Devall has extensive experience providing transactional and litigation services to clients in the maritime, energy, and insurance sectors.

Each Transaction is Its Own Unique Situation

Joey understands that each transaction is its own unique situation.  He accesses each matter beforehand, understanding the client’s objectives in an effort to balance desired outcomes with what is smart economically.  He manages a broad range of transactional matters including drafting, reviewing, and negotiation contracts, including master service agreements, vessel charter parties, towing contracts, vessel construction agreements, construction contracts, sub-contracts, purchase and sale agreements, leases, asset purchase agreements, teaming agreements, and joint venture agreements. He also advises clients in regulatory compliance issues, vessel documentation, the U.S. Antiboycott laws, and related matters.

Joey has experience representing:

  • Maritime companies in defense of Jones Act and LHWCA claims
  • Companies in defense of personal injury claims and employment claims.
  • Maritime companies in drafting and negotiating service agreements and              charter parties.
  • Companies and business owners on corporate organization, governance,             succession and ownership matters.
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