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Marianne Wise Fletchinger litigation attorney

Marianne Wise Fletchinger


504 593 0661

New Orleans, LA

Marianne Fletchinger is a top-rated litigator and has successfully defended hundreds of insurers, trucking companies, small businesses, and individuals in Louisiana and beyond.

She is known for using a personal approach to help her clients reach the result they desire quickly and efficiently.

As an experienced trial attorney, Marianne has tried numerous multi-week bench and jury trials in both state and federal courts to completion. In addition, she has been admitted pro hac vice to defend her insurance and commercial clients in courts all across the United States, including Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Utah.

When not in the courtroom, Marianne enjoys serving on the faculty of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, volunteering at Boys Hope Girls Hope of New Orleans, cheering on the Clemson Tigers, and traveling the world with her husband and daughter. 

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