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Paul D. Hale maritime attorney

Paul D. Hale


504 593 0715

New Orleans, LA

A native New Orleanian, Mr. Hale joined the firm in 2006 as a member of the Marine and Energy section. With an evenly divided state and federal court defense practice, Mr. Hale represents clients in maritime torts, personal injury and property damage, contract negotiation and litigation.

Mr. Hale defends bodily injury and death cases with an emphasis in marine and offshore litigation claims. He represents businesses in contract negotiations and a variety of business disputes.  He also has experience handling property taking cases on behalf of landowners, including appropriation and expropriation cases with the United States Corps of Engineers and local Levee Districts. 

He has experience handling energy-related claims, including interpretation of indemnity and insurance requirements in vessel charters and Master Service Agreements as well as interpretation of the anti-indemnity acts of Louisiana and Texas. 

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