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Barbara Ormsby exposure litigation attorney

Barbara Ormsby


504 593 0600

New Orleans, LA

Ms. Ormsby has significant litigation experience handling asbestos, silica and many other chemical exposure cases.

She defends manufacturing companies and premises owners in a variety of chemical exposure cases, asbestos exposure cases and other types of personal injury claims. Ms. Ormsby also has experience in handling asbestos property damage and building abatement claims, as well as protecting the interests of manufacturers, premise-owner and employer defendants. 

When not in court, Ms. Ormsby volunteers her time with community and youth programs. She is involved in Approach the Bench, the LSBA’s Suit Up for the Future, moot courts, legal fairs and law days in local elementary and high schools. She also volunteers her time with the Jefferson Performing Arts Society and Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans.

She is personable, reliable, responsive, forward-thinking, and adheres to deadlines.

“I strive to ensure there is open and clear communication not only with colleagues and opposing counsel, but, foremost, with clients.”

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