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Suzan N. Richardson

Suzan N. Richardson


504 593 0634

New Orleans, LA

Suzan has over twenty-five years of experience in diversified areas of legal practice ranging from criminal prosecution to civil litigation. In her civil litigation practice, Suzan has developed the necessary skill set to successfully communicate with opposing counsel, judges and her clients to achieve their desired results.

She represents clients in insurance defense, premises liability, property damage and automobile insurance claims. She also has significant experience in medical malpractice. By carefully investigating plaintiffs and their allegations against clients, Suzan identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a case and develops a strategy to attain the best resolution possible for her clients.

She has successfully defended cases in Civil Court, Juvenile Court, Criminal Court, Appellate Court, Federal Court, before the Office of Workers’ Compensation, the Civil Service Commission, and the Division of Administrative Law in the State of Louisiana.

Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Richardson held in-house positions and was former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Louisiana’s Department of Justice, Assistant District Attorney for the Parish of Orleans, and Staff Attorney for State of Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals.

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