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Myles E. Sharp


228 265 6995

Gulfport, MS

Myles Sharp represents Fortune 500 clients facing litigation in the area of insurance defense and has helped write and modify insurance policies to conform to Mississippi law for his clients.

Myles is a seasoned litigator and has tried in excess of 50 jury trials in at least 9 different counties in South Mississippi, where he has achieved successful outcomes for his clients against claims involving commercial litigation, corporate law, construction law, premises liability, Mississippi Torts Claim Act, and contract law. 

Serving as Board Attorney to one of the largest condominium complexes in South Mississippi, Myles also handles claims involving condominium law under Mississippi’s Non-profit Corporations Act.

As a lifelong resident of Gulfport, MS, Myles is very active in the community, and serves as Vice President on the Gulfport City Council.  This experience in local government makes him uniquely qualified to handle matters involving municipal and governmental law and provide consulting to clients, including developers, who need help navigating numerous municipal and state programs such as tax abatements, tax credits, and tax increment finance bonds.  Myles’ position also allows him to keep his finger on the pulse of political activity within the state, and proposed legislation that might affect his clients.  
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