Attorney Liability

  • Mr. Wright has recently obtained favorable results in malpractice trials, including two jury defense verdicts. One of those cases involved a claim that an attorney had committed malpractice in connection with a workers compensation settlement. In the other Mr. Wright was able to establish the absence of an attorney-client relationship in a case where a personal injury claim had lapsed for a failure to prosecute. 

  • Mr. Wright and Ms. Meade were successful in obtaining a summary judgment in favor of their client, a Florida law firm, who was sued by its former client in an adversary proceeding in Federal Bankruptcy Court in New Orleans. The plaintiff had hired the law firm to represent her interests in connection with a Business Services Agreement with two companies after those companies had filed for bankruptcy protection in the Eastern District of Louisiana in March 2006. In May 2007, the firm's client, on behalf of the plaintiff, filed an adversary proceeding against one of the companies alleging, inter alia, breach of contract. In January 2008, the plaintiff filed a Third Party Demand against its former counsel asserting that its advice caused her to incur substantial damages with regard to her violation of certain Bankruptcy Court orders. Mr. Wright and Ms. Meade filed a Motion for Summary Judgment contending that at all times the firm properly advised the plaintiff of her duties and obligations under the Bankruptcy Court Order. The Judge agreed, granting summary judgment in favor of the firm, and dismissing the Third Party Complaint.
    In re OCA, Inc.
  • Mr. Wright obtained dismissal of a claim against an attorney for lack of causation.
    Turner v. Johnson, 860 So.2d 244 (La. App. 5th Cir. 2003). 
  • Mr. Wright obtained dismissal of an attorney claim.
    Academy Mortgage v. Juarez, 740 So.2d 708 (La. App. 5th Cir. 1999). 
  •  Mr. Wright appeared as amicus counsel in a decision strictly construing the statutes of limitations for claims against attorneys.

    Reeder v. North, Supreme Court of Louisiana, 701 So.2d 1291, 1997 La. Lexis 2873, October 21, 1997. 

  • Mr. Wright handled this appeal upholding the dismissal of a third-party claim against an attorney.
    Ulmer v. Frisard, Court of Appeal of Louisiana, Fifth Circuit, 694 So.2d 1046, 1997, La. App. Lexis 1194, April 29, 1997.