Commercial Transportation - Offord v. L&W Supply Corp.

In 2009, Mr. Glas obtained a precedent-setting summary judgement on behalf of a national supply corporation in a multi-million dollar untarping case. During that litigation, Mr. Glas defended the company against claims the company knew the truck drivers were forced to climb their loads during untarping, and breached their civic duty under OSHA's Multi-Employer Worksite Doctrine by failing to provide fall protection, warnings and assistance. Mr. Glas filed a motion for summary judgement arguing the company owed no duty to tell a non-employee, professional truck driver how to perform his job while on the company's property. Judge Engelhardt granted summary judgement and held that the plaintiff's "failure to take precautions when faced with obvious risk, combined with (his employer's) seemingly lax driver/untarping policies and procedures, resulted in the accident". The ruling was issued one week before trial and only days after plaintiff demanded $8 million to settle the case. The U.S. Fifth Circuit affirmed the ruling in Offord v. L&W Supply Corp., 358 F. App x 540, 543 (5th Cir. 2009).