Green v. K-Mart

Mr. Ryan drafted two successful writ applications to the Louisiana Supreme Court. He was engaged as appeal counsel after the Third Circuit Court of Appeal had increased a judgment against K-Mart from $1,000,000 to $3,458,453 in a closed-head injury case. Mr. Ryan initially showed that the appeals court erred by having argument in spite of the automatic stay of K-Mart's bankruptcy. Green v. K-Mart Corp., 840-So.2d 1209 (La.4/4/03). The Supreme Court remanded the case for reargument, and the Third Circuit again increased damages by nearly $2.5 million. Mr. Ryan drafted a second writ to the Louisiana Supreme Court and was able to show that the Court of Appeal had clearly erred in increasing the plaintiff's award for future medical expenses.
Green v. K-Mart, 874 So.2d 838 (La. 5/25/04).