Insurance Coverage

  • Ms. Lessell successfully defended a Long Term Care Organizations Professional Liability, General Liability and Employee Benefit Liability insurer by filing a Motion for Summary Judgment which resulted in a full and complete dismissal of claims against their client. The Motion for Summary Judgment was predicated on the claims made nature of the insurance policy.
  • Ms. Marshall and Ms. Lessell successfully obtained summary judgment on behalf of an insurance company in a legal malpractice action. The policy in question was a claims made insurance policy. The claims made against the would-be insured for legal malpractice arose after the conclusion of the policy period and were not made in accordance with the policy conditions, prior the expiration of the insurance policy. Accordingly, the Motion for Summary Judgment was granted in favor of the insurer.
  • Ms. Lessell successfully represented a second layer excess insurer of a major Gulf South distributor and supplier in In re: Chinese Manufactured Drywall, MDL 2047. The claimed exposure of the class far exceeded the limits of the primary and first layer excess policies, but through a successful defense, the client was effectively dismissed from the case without any determination of liability or required contribution to any settlements.
    In re: Chinese Manufactured Drywall, MDL 09-2047.