Legal Malpractice - Supreme Court of Mississippi

Matt Quinlivan successfully achieved a great victory in the Supreme Court of Mississippi on behalf of our clients’ attorney and his legal malpractice carrier, The Hartford.  Originally, Mr. Quinlivan’s client was sued in Vicksburg, Mississippi for malpractice in connection with his role as a co-executor and attorney for an estate worth an estimated $15 million.  Mr. Quinlivan’s client acted as a co-executor over the estate from August of 2006 through November of 2013.  In October 2013, Mr. Quinlivan’s client was added made a defendant to a lawsuit within the estate proceeding which was scheduled for a November 2013 trial.  The damages sought against Mr. Quinlivan’s client exceeded $6 million.  The Hartford appointed Mr. Quinlivan and Mrs. Judy Burnthorn as defense counsel.

After being appointed as defense counsel by The Hartford, Mr. Quinlivan and Mrs. Burnthorn tried the case as scheduled in Vicksburg in November 2013, resulting in a defense verdict in their client's favor.  The Plaintiff’s motioned the trial court for a new trial, which was granted.  Mr. Quinlivan tried the case for a second time, resulting in a second defense verdict in favor of their client.  After two trials and two defense verdicts, the Plaintiff’s appealed to the Supreme Court of Mississippi.  Mr. Quinlivan skillfully briefed all legal and factual issues presented to the Supreme Court of Mississippi on appeal.  The Supreme Court of Mississippi originally scheduled the matter for oral argument, but later decided that the issues had been so thoroughly briefed that an oral argument was unnecessary.  Ultimately, the Supreme Court of Mississippi upheld the trial court’s entry of a defense verdict in favor of the client.