Personal Injury - Dog Bite - Summary Judgment Granted - Stanford v. Bourque, 27th JDC Suit No. 12-C-0902-D

In 2013, Mr. Keller defended an individual in a dog bite lawsuit filed in St. Landry Parish. Plaintiffs alleged that Mr. Keller’s client was responsible for the dog attack because he allowed a dog to cross his property before the attack occurred. After some brief discovery, Mr. Keller filed a Motion for Summary Judgment arguing that Louisiana Law does not impose a duty on a non-owner to prevent a dog attack or warn a third party about a dog attack regardless of whether the dog crossed the non-owner’s land or not. The trial court granted the motion and dismissed all claims with prejudice.
Stanford v. Bourque, 27th JDC Suit No. 12-C-0902-D. Honorable Judge Donald Hebert