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Karen P. Holland professional liability attorney

Karen P. Holland


504 593 0624

New Orleans, LA

Concentrating primarily in the areas of medical malpractice and legal malpractice defense, Ms. Holland has over twenty years of experience representing a cross-section of healthcare professionals, including individual health care providers, hospitals, long term care facilities, clinics, same day surgery centers, and their various insurers.

Ms. Holland’s defense of health care professionals and facilities in the New Orleans area and throughout Louisiana involves her in all phases of those actions, including medical review panel proceedings, litigation, appeals and administrative/disciplinary proceedings brought before the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners and other medical licensing agencies. Ms. Holland has represented a wide range of individual health care providers, including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, CRNAs, occupational therapists, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, home health care agencies and psychologists.

Ms. Holland’s defense of health care professionals and their insurers includes a thorough, determined and vigorous defense of the medical professional throughout the pre-litigation medical review panel phase to conclusion with a view to achieving the earliest possible successful resolution of the claim for her clients in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Ms. Holland also practices in the area of legal malpractice, successfully representing attorneys both in litigated matters and before the Louisiana Office of Disciplinary Counsel. Her other professional liability practice involves her in the defense of real estate agents and brokers and insurance agents and adjusters. 

“My practice includes a thorough, determined and vigorous defense of all clients, including the medical and legal professional, with the goal of achieving the earliest possible resolution of the claim or complaint in the most cost-effective manner possible.”

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