Deutsch Kerrigan is a leader in professional liability defense successfully defending accountants, attorneys, and other types of insurance professionals.  If you are a professional or insurer of professionals in Louisiana or Mississippi, let us partner with you today.


Deutsch Kerrigan represents accountants and accounting firms in a number of contexts, including audits, tax, conflicts of interest, cost reporting, and securities fraud. In one auditing case, a favorable standard was established for the statute of limitations for accountants. The firm has also served as risk-prevention counsel for several carriers, assisting insureds in avoiding claims.


Deutsch Kerrigan defends legal malpractice claims through various carriers, including the endorsed insurers for the Louisiana State Bar. Our experience has covered a variety of situations, including claims against attorneys for the adverse party (e.g., defamation and malicious prosecution claims), conflicts of interest, failure to communicate settlement offers, negligent handling of bankruptcies, negligent handling of trials, settlement of a minor’s lawsuit, patent malpractice, RICO, and security fraud. Favorable rulings have generally been upheld by the appellate courts, creating beneficial jurisprudence in the area. We have also filed amicus briefs before the Louisiana Supreme Court, including the leading case on the statute of limitations applicable to attorneys.

Insurance Agents and Brokers

Deutsch Kerrigan defends insurance agents, brokers, and adjusters against claims of errors and omissions. This is particularly true following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, when numerous claims arose alleging failure to advise on or secure flood insurance, misrepresentation of coverage under property insurance policies, failure to alert as to any “concurrent causation clauses” in the homeowner policy, and failure to properly adjust and estimate property damage in a timely manner.