Feb 20, 2017

Deutsch Kerrigan Trial Team Obtains Zero Jury Verdict

The Deutsch Kerrigan trial team of Robert E. Kerrigan, Jr., Raymond C. Lewis, and Joe B. Landry Jr. obtained a unanimous, zero jury verdict on January 20th in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana.

Deutsch’s trial team successfully defended Force Corporation against a plaintiff who was injured during a railroad accident when he lost his balance and fell off a railroad car sustaining back injuries and foot injuries that ultimately required amputation of a toe. The plaintiff claimed that a railroad track inspection report noted a defect on the track near the location of his accident, and this alleged defect caused him to fall off the railroad car. Force was hired to perform the repair and maintenance of the tracks. Deutsch’s trial team convinced the jury that the railroad track was not defective and, based on where plaintiff claimed the defect existed along the track, the alleged defect could not have caused the accident. During closing argument, plaintiff claimed general damages, loss of future earning capacity, and disability. Following closing arguments, the jury ruled in favor of the defense and found Force was not negligent.