Jan 5, 2017

Holmes & Baer Host Workshop for New Businesses

Innovation is the lifeblood of creating new opportunities and fueling the entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t let your business legal issues halt your creativity.

Partner Duris Holmes and Associate Andrew Baer hosted a workshop as part of the Propeller Incubator Workshop Series. This workshop addressed the following:

● Entity Formation

● Ownership Issues

● Form Development

Have business formation questions?  See our infographic guide on proper steps to forming an LLC below.

Proper steps to forming an LLC infographic

About the Facilitators:

Duris L. Holmes is a Partner at Deutsch Kerrigan, LLP in New Orleans. His specialties are helping business owners handle matters involving business organization, contracts, and intellectual property. As a business lawyer, Duris also represents franchisors with respect to disclosure, relationship and termination issues. Andrew J. Baer is an Associate at Deutsch Kerrigan, LLP in New Orleans specializing in employment law, professional liability, and commercial litigation.