May 2, 2017

Keith Bergeron Interviewed by BIZ New Orleans

The May 2017 issue of BIZ New Orleans featured the local attorneys selected by Best Lawyers in 2017.  Construction attorney Keith Bergeron was one of the three selected for a complete interview to discuss one of his toughest cases. See his comments below:

"There is a grocery store in Shreveport that attorney Keith Bergeron can’t drive by without remembering one of the most challenging cases in his legal career. At one point, half the store had fallen by 15 inches.

'You could let go of your basket from one end of the store and it would slide all the way down to the other end of the store,' Bergeron said. 'Instead of a slip-and-fall, we called it a slide-and-fall. We had a building sitting on top of the problem; eventually we were able to resolve and correct the issue.'"

Read on to see the full interview here.