May 26, 2017

Kerrigan & Glas Receive Favorable Verdict

Defense attorneys Bob Kerrigan and Jerry Glas were asked to defend a client in a TBI case four weeks before the scheduled trial date. After four days of trial, a great verdict was returned.

Plaintiff’s experts included Dr. Gonzales-Toledo (neuroradiologist) & Dr. Howard Katz (Physiatry & Brain Injury Medicine), along with Plaintiff’s treating physicians, all claimed that the accident with the 18 wheeler on November 2, 2010, caused a traumatic brain injury and severe psychiatric illness, resulting in 4 post-accident suicide attempts. Treating psychiatrists recommended 24-hour medical care for the remainder of Plaintiff’s life. Mr. Kerrigan and Mr. Glas argued that the accident did not cause a TBI, and Plaintiff’s experts were incorrectly blaming the accident for psychiatric illness that arose more than a year after the accident.

During closing, Shreveport plaintiff attorney asked the jury to award $18.5 million. During his closing, Mr. Glas explained that the reasonable range was $180,000, if they found the plaintiff did not have TBI, to $2.8 million if they found she had TBI. After a short deliberation, the jury awarded $1.5 million, the middle of Mr. Glas’ range.