Jun 13, 2017

LPL Young Professionals Program

Calling all young professionals! Registration is open for the Third Annual American Bar Association LPL In Person, In Chicago event on June 29, 2017. Join Melissa Lessell and other great speakers for an afternoon CLE event, followed by a fun networking event! Click here to register.

Schedule of Events: 

The Ins & Outs of Insurance: Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask

Your firm buys Lawyers Professional Liability insurance, but how? Who are the players involved? What is the role of London and Lloyd's in the process? This plenary session will host panelists from three distinct areas of the Professional Liability Insurance space; Brokering, Underwriting, and Claims Handling, to discuss and dissect how a Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Policy is handled and processed from start to finish, and everything in between. For those not in insurance or the coverage industry, terms like 'Lloyd's', 'Indemnity', 'Duty to Defend', 'Non Admitted,' 'Quota Share' and others may be alien and confusing. Join our panel discussion for an interactive session dealing with the ins and outs of insurance for lawyers and law firms.

Strategy Snapshots

This roundtable will examine key issues that arise in complex legal malpractice claims and use of these strategies to obtain desired outcomes. This panel discussion will deal with issues such as identifying whether a case is ripe for early resolution and how fee claim impacts early resolution, mediation and trial strategies. It will also examine the impact of aggregate limits, high exposure cases and policy issues, and what strategic approaches can be employed for leverage during alternative dispute resolution and when the case enters litigation. 

A Tangled Web: Navigating Conflicts and Coverage in Professional Liability Claims

Please join us for an exciting panel discussion about the cutting edge conflict issues that both insurance companies and defense counsel face in the context of professional liability litigation. How does the case play out if the defendant insured has an affirmative claim for fees? Under what circumstances must the insurer appoint independent counsel, as opposed to utilizing panel counsel? What if the only real allegation against the professional is for stealing money, or perhaps disgorgement of fees? The experienced panel will not only explore these issues and more, but also offer practical and real‐life tips about how to manage these sometimes very tricky and conflict ridden situations. This panel presentation promises to be informative and interesting for defense counsel, coverage attorneys, claims professionals, and in‐house counsel for law firms, in particular.

Keynote Session 

"He Said What?!" Networking for YoPros

Elizabeth Joliffe, former commercial litigator and partner, has been focused on building legal professionals strengths to help them take charge of their practice and career. She specializes in helping young professionals in the legal industry position and differentiate themselves, helping them to meet their networking goals, be it generating new business or getting a promotion. During this session, Elizabeth will offer practical tips for networking focused on the specific needs of the young professional. This will include how to effectively communicate with boomers and older generations to send the right message about business development or career growth, how to combat the stigma associated with millennials, how to use social media to build a brand, and practical tips, such how to join or exit a conversation in a non‐awkward manner.

5:15 ‐ 7:15 p.m. Networking Reception