Mar 5, 2018

Vaughn Featured in Wolters Kluwer Article

Partner R. Douglas Vaughn recently participated in a Wolters Kluwer Health Law Daily article about healthcare blockchain.  The story features insights from knowledgeable legal professionals on the use and impacts of blockchain in the healthcare industry. 

Read excerpt:

Vaughn said, "the security aspect of blockchain is in making it very difficult to change the identity of the data exchanged. As blockchains are one part of a larger data infrastructure solution, use of blockchain can allow for the elimination of some administrative processes, thereby allowing larger volumes of data to be processed more expediently."

Vaughn added, "An Electronic Medical Chart using blockchain cannot easily be tampered with after an adverse event. When sitting across the table from an adversary in litigation, all parties should be confident in the integrity of the chart entries." He also noted that if "blockchain is used between a health provider, patient and an insurance company, blockchain can increase efficiencies and reduce delays in the payment for services."

Wolters Kluwer Health Law Daily Blockchain Article

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