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Wendel Stout environmental lawyer

A. Wendel Stout III


504 593 0632

New Orleans, LA

Calling on over 35 years of experience, Mr. Stout's practice includes insurance defense and general litigation in the areas of products liability, toxic torts and maritime personal injury.

Mr. Stout mainly defends clients in toxic tort cases involving long-term latent disease, personal injury and death claims involving silicosis or asbestosis.  He also has experience with asbestos property damage and building abatement claims.  Mr. Stout also defends clients in products liability and maritime personal injury claims defense.

Mr. Stout has served as court-appointed defense liaison for defendant groups in both mass asbestos and complex silicosis litigation. He also has extensive experience in working with doctors and other medical experts in developing medical defenses to personal injury toxic tort allegations.

Mr. Stout is a boating enthusiast who enjoys sailing in the open water.

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