Business Dispute

Mr. Quinlivan represented two clients against one of the client's relatives in a case based upon a constructive trust theory concerning an investment into a landfill in the mid-1980s. The start-up capital the defendants used to buy the landfill came directly from Mr. Quinlivan’s clients. Pursuant to the verbally agreed upon investment, Mr. Quinlivan’s clients were to receive two-thirds of the landfill profits and proceeds. In 2009, seven years after the sale of the landfill, Mr. Quinlivan’s clients made demand upon the relatives to tender the profits and proceeds. Despite the agreement, the relatives refused to tender any monies to Mr. Quinlivan’s clients.

After the relatives refused to tender the monies, Mr. Quinlivan’s clients filed suit. Throughout the pretrial process, Mr. Quinlivan’s clients lack of documentation to prove their agreement existed as well as proof that the initial investment was ever made became issues. However, Mr. Quinlivan located land records that evidenced significant amounts of unexplainable equity in the landfill through cancellation of certain Deeds of Trust, Mr. Quinlivan convinced the Court to create a constructive trust in favor of his clients. The Court entered judgment in favor of Mr. Quinlivan’s clients.