Commercial Transportation - Crayton v. Campbell, et al

In 2015, Mr. Glas served as lead trial counsel in the personal-injury action entitled Crayton v. Campbell, et al, No. 704421, 24th JDC, Parish of Jefferson, LA. Mr. Glas parachuted into the case only one month prior to trial, and the court had already ruled that the driver and the trucking company's insurer were 100% liable for rear-ending the plaintiff's van. Before trial, Plaintiff demanded the $1 million policy limited be paid to the plaintiff who underwent an L4-5 transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion, and subsequently received a neurosurgical recommendation for a three-level cervical discectomy and fusion. During closing argument in the damages-only trial, Plaintiff asked for $723,000; and the jury voted 9-3 to award only $323,000 (despite $221,000 in past medical bills), with one juror voting to award $0 to the plaintiff.