Engineering Liability - Jeffrey Thomas Avegno, Inc. v. MBA Services, LLC, et al.

Mr. Brennan and Ms. Theard obtained a summary judgment dismissing malpractice claims against a structural engineering firm. The claims arose out of a project for the design and construction of a parking garage intended to service a high-rise office building located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The firm’s client, Jeffrey Thomas Avegno, Inc., contracted with MBA Services to provide certain structural engineering services. A dispute between the parties arose regarding the full payment of fees, with MBA Services denying that it owed any money under the contract and demanding an unspecified amount, claiming deficiencies in the services provided by the defendant engineering firm. Mr. Brennan and Ms. Theard argued that the plaintiff failed to produce any evidence and/or expert testimony to support their claim that the defendant deviated from its standard of care in performing its services on the project. The Civil District Court of Orleans Parish agreed, and dismissed all claims against Jeffrey Thomas Avegno, Inc.
Jeffrey Thomas Avegno, Inc. v. MBA Services, LLC, et al., January 19, 2008.