Insurance Adjuster Liability Defense - 1020 Gravier Street, LLC and Carl DeAbate vs. Deutsch Kerrigan's Clients

Ms. Burnthorn and Ms. Lessell represented an insurance adjuster in a professional liability case when both the adjuster's insurer and he personally were sued for negligent misrepresentation, unfair trade practices and intentional interference with business relations and a contract. The plaintiff alleged that DK&S' clients were at fault because the plaintiff's insurance claim had not been paid within a three-year window, and exposure in the case was estimated at up to one million dollars. However, Ms. Burnthorn and Ms. Swabacker argued that an adjuster has no duty to an insured and cannot be held liable for bad faith claims against an insurer. Judge Robin Giarrusso of Orleans Parish Civil District Court agreed, and granted a summary judgment in favor of the defense one month before the matter would have gone to a jury trial.
1020 Gravier Street, LLC and Carl DeAbate vs. Deutsch Kerrigan Clients