Sandra Chesnut vs. Oak Place Pharmacy, Inc., and Katherine Hilbun, Case No. A2401-2013-306 Circuit Court of Harrison County, First Judicial District, State of Mississippi.

Mr. Vaughn and Ms. Outzen defended Oak Place Pharmacy, Inc., and its prescription delivery driver Katherine Hilbun in a $1 million motor vehicle negligence personal injury action in Mississippi state court. The plaintiff alleged the defendants violated safety rules putting the community in danger and the resulting accident took away her ability to enjoy the one activity providing a release from the high stress of her lifestyle and subjected her to the need for future back surgery.   The defense called a local spine surgeon who opined her injury was not as severe as claimed, did not warrant surgery and was not necessarily related to the accident.  Following a three day trial in which the trial judge directed the jury to find for the plaintiff and assess damages, the jury returned a verdict was exactly the amount defense counsel recommended.