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Richard B. Montgomery, III real estate attorney

Richard B. Montgomery III


504 593 0663

New Orleans, LA

Mr. Montgomery is a New Orleans real estate and transactional attorney representing financial institutions and people that buy and sell apartment buildings.

He represents his clients in complex commercial real estate transactions involving common law state lenders who require advice and assistance with Louisiana Law as it pertains to and affects transactions, securitized loans, and asset-based lending.

Recently, Mr. Montgomery was involved in the purchase and renovation of the Pontchartrain Hotel, the largest building on St. Charles Avenue.

Mr. Montgomery is also a commercial lawyer who has created numerous specialized retail lease agreements, as well as all organizational documents for both corporations and limited liability companies. He represents many of these entities in the area of general business advice. He negotiates the details of numerous commercial contracts and reduces same to writing for diverse companies and individuals.

Mr. Montgomery has served as a speaker at various real estate seminars and as an active member of several professional, civic and nonprofit organizations.

He has been with Deutsch Kerrigan since 1989 and served as Managing Partner eight times, stepping down in January after 16 years.

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