Deutsch Kerrigan's Energy attorneys handle matters for clients throughout the Gulf Coast, representing the industry’s leaders in a variety of issues ranging from complex litigation to large commercial transactions and disputes.  

We have extensive experience in contract drafting, commercial disputes, environmental and maritime issues and personal injury defense and work with our exploration, production, refinement, and oil and gas clients to clearly lay out the best options and path for resolving disputes efficiently.

Energy matters we handle include:

Contract Drafting, Review & Litigation

Deutsch Kerrigan Energy attorneys are experienced in drafting oilfield contracts and master service agreements, as well as reviewing these agreements to ensure our clients are positioned for their most favorable return on investment. We have been involved in the enforcement and defense of contractual indemnity and insurance obligations in master service agreements.  We also have handled breach of contract claims arising from offshore and inshore exploration activity.

Oilfield Pollution & Contamination

Deutsch Kerrigan Energy attorneys handle oilfield contamination issues and oversee oilfield clean-up requirements and land damage claims. Our attorneys were chosen by the Joint Neutral Defense Initiative as one of only two Louisiana firms to defend long-term exposure cases.

Maritime Personal Injury

Deutsch Kerrigan has been involved in maritime litigation for over 60 years in New Orleans and on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Our Marine & Energy attorneys routinely handle matters related to Death on the High Seas Act (DOSHA) claims, offshore platform casualties, marine insurance coverage opinions and disputes, Jones Act, and general maritime law damage claims all kinds.

Our team of energy attorneys has achieved successes in their area of work including:

  • The reduction of a $19 million plus judgment to $44,309, in a suit brought by a well operator against a drilling contractor for intentionally damaging an oil well. The firm also litigated the constitutionality of whether a choice-of-law provision in a master service contract can displace application of the Louisiana Oilfield Indemnity Act.
  • Defending thousands of torts related to toxic exposure, including exposure to chemicals at a Baton Rouge refinery owned by the world’s largest integrated oil company.
  • One partner in the firm won the leading “gas balancing” contract litigation case in Louisiana and has handled significant oil and gas litigation, including “farm out” agreements. 

If you are involved in the exploration, production, refinement, or marketing of oil & gas along the Gulf Coast, let us partner with you today.