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Bertrand M. Cass, Jr. maritime attorney

Bert M. Cass, Jr.


504 593 0643

New Orleans, LA

Bert M. Cass Jr., is a jury trial litigator concentrating in the defense of bodily injury and death cases particularly in marine and offshore litigation claims.

His practice focuses on representing vessel owners, oil and gas producers, exploration and drilling companies, facility operators, distributors, and offshore service contractors and their insurers against personal injury, wrongful death and survival claims. He is also experienced in energy-related claims, including interpretation of indemnity and insurance requirements in vessel charters and Master Service Agreements, as well as interpreting the oil field anti-indemnity acts of Louisiana and Texas.

Mr. Cass also defends vessel owners and their insurers against property damage claims involving complex legal issues. In one such case involving damages to an underwater pipeline by one of our clients, his efforts resulted in a res nova ruling by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals that a vessel owner's decision to plead limitation of liability as a defense in a single action with multiple claimants does not open it to greater total liability. Signal Oil & Gas Co. v. Barge W-701, 654 F.2d 1164, (CA 5th Cir. LA 1981).

Mr. Cass has presented seminars on maritime tort litigation and is involved with state and local bar associations.  He is also a member of the Maritime Law Association of the United States, the Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute, and the Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel.

“I am an experienced marine and energy attorney defending a variety of maritime & energy companies and their insurers against complex legal issues”

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