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Terrence L. Brennan construction attorney

Terrence L. Brennan


504 593 0605

New Orleans, LA

Terrence L. Brennan defends clients faced with complex construction issues and claims. With a deep knowledge of the construction industry, he provides clients with timely advice to recognize the problem quickly, address it, and resolve it by using practical solutions.

Drawing on his experience as an architect, Terry serves as a valuable resource to construction clients facing malpractice claims.  His ability to read a set of plans, relate and speak the same language as the people he represents allows problems to be addressed quickly and typically leads to a faster resolution.  When faced with a professional liability claim, he aggressively represents his architect, engineer and surveyor clients as an effective, efficient and tough construction litigator with hopes to find the most cost-effective solution.

Maintaining a cost conscious and efficient practice, Terry has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolutions methods and procedures. He also advises clients on non-litigation matters such as review of contracts and loss prevention, trying to minimize risk for clients and avoid litigation.

Mr. Brennan has authored or co-authored many construction related publications throughout his career. He has also submitted papers and been a featured speaker at seminars and programs sponsored by several organizations and associations, including the Construction Specifications Institute, the Associated General Contractors, Associated Builders and Contractors, the Louisiana AIA, the New Orleans Chapter of the AIA and the Greater New Orleans Business Roundtable.

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