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David K. Groome, Jr. litigation attorney

David K. Groome, Jr.


504 593 0769

New Orleans, LA

David Groome represents corporate clients, insurance companies and their insureds in litigation matters involving professional liability, product liability, property loss, and personal injury.

When faced with pending litigation, David’s clients look to his industry specific knowledge to help reach an end result quickly and efficiently.  For more intransigent matters, he focuses on quickly understanding the industry specific issues pertinent to the pending litigation and providing his clients with cost effective defense on case determinative issues.  David serves as External General Counsel for ARCH (Alzheimer's Residential Care Homes). For several clients, David serves as lead attorney statewide in Louisiana and Mississippi.

He has a thriving litigation practice having tried over 100 jury trials beginning his career with 4 years in the District Attorney’s office for Orleans Parish trying cases under the federally funded Violent Offenses Task force. He is admitted in every state and federal court in Louisiana and Mississippi and practices in both states.

As a litigation attorney, David represents clients in matters relating to:

  • Products liability (petrochemical  plants, latex gloves, scaffolds, marine hoists, elevators, heavy machinery, municipal water purification systems, Airplane-composites and design);
  • Transportation claims (logging trucks, Commercial vehicles, rail cars, heavy transport, and barges);
  • Extra Contractual (Excess claims, errors and omissions, professional liability);
  • Professional Liability (Errors and omissions and medical malpractice);
  • Chemical Exposure (inhalation and exposure: benzene, asbestos, silica, phosgene, and lead)

Born in Louisiana and raised in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, he is at ease with Portuguese and Spanish.  He enjoys travelling and often enjoys matching the pace set by his wife, Sanda, who teaches at Tulane University throughout the year and in Innsbruck, Austria for 6 weeks during the summer, often with their three children.

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