Deutsch Kerrigan has been an enduring protector of the commercial transportation industry in what has become an overheated litigation environment.  Its skilled and seasoned attorneys have represented long-haul, regional and local trucking companies, bus companies and tour companies, plus their insurers, for decades.

Deutsch Kerrigan understands that early preservation of evidence can boost the odds of favorably defending a claim due to a serious mishap.  Its attorneys are ready -- on no more than a phone call’s notice -- to be dispatched to the scene of an incident, where they will identify and memorialize evidence, consult with the client and its driver, and procure statements from important witnesses.  In appropriate cases, Deutsch Kerrigan can summon accident reconstruction experts to survey the incident site, using digital scanning techniques to capture key dimensions; photograph the site and the involved vehicles; and download data from electronic control modules.

When a suit arises, Deutsch Kerrigan’s commercial transportation attorneys endeavor to manage the litigation with two overarching aims -- to achieve a favorable result and to do so at reasonable cost.  Its attorneys scrutinize liability claims and ardently strive to place responsibility on the adverse party.  They examine causation, and when suitable circumstances exist, employ biomechanical engineering experts to demonstrate the force of an impact was not a contributor in causing the injury claimed.  Additionally, they investigate an adverse party’s medical history in an effort to show a claimed condition preceded the mishap.  Throughout, Deutsch Kerrigan maintains a watchful eye on early resolution opportunities that would allow it to conclude a claim swiftly and on advantageous terms.   

When litigation cannot be resolved short of trial, Deutsch Kerrigan has knowledgeable and tested trial attorneys who have crossed swords in the courtroom before, in both jury and judge trials, and have prevailed. 

Deutsch Kerrigan’s attorneys also regularly consult transportation industry participants and their insurers on a host of issues, including those pertaining to U.S. Department of Transportation and other federal regulations; new case law;  the impact of environmental laws and regulations; insurance coverage; the formation of contracts; and the application of anti-indemnity laws to contractual relationships.

When transportation industry participants and their insurers need assistance to navigate the highways and byways of litigation or regulation, they rely on Deutsch Kerrigan’s beacon of guidance to illuminate the route to the desired destination.