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Erin Casey Hangartner


504 593 0600


Erin Hangartner has more than 26 years of experience as a litigator and is in the Toxic Torts and Environmental Department of the firm. Erin brings extensive trial experience and a strong record of managing a broad spectrum of defense needs to the practice in both State and Federal Courts. She has represented both premises owners and manufacturers in toxic tort litigation, product, and manufacturer liability, and has extensive experience defending class actions and complex litigation for a wide range of corporate clients. Erin has participated in numerous root cause investigations for clients and has extensive experience in the on-site development and implementation of best practices in the workplace.

Erin began her legal career as a prosecutor in the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office where she tried more than 75 jury trials and numerous judge trials. Promoted to the exclusive Violent Offender Strike Force, she prosecuted complex and multi-defendant felony cases, including those involving capital murder, rape, armed robbery, RICO, and distribution of narcotics.

Most recently, Erin led a forensic team of diversified materials and fuel system experts in a multi-party investigation to ascertain the root cause of an explosion involving a hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklift.

Erin is born and raised in New Orleans and is a die-hard, rabid Saints fan.

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