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Anne Medo litigation attorney

Anne E. Medo


504 593 0662

New Orleans, LA

From as early as she can recall, Anne E. Medo’s goal was to follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue a career as an attorney. Anne rigorously defends her clients in casualty defense litigation claims.

Anne litigates and advises her clients in insurance coverage litigation, premises liability, insurance law, and personal/commercial property litigation.

In her practice, Anne uses responsiveness, organization and time management skills to meet the needs of her clients.  These traits have awarded her with several favorable defense outcomes in both general litigation and insurance coverage litigation in courts throughout Louisiana. Throughout her 20 plus year career, she has shown her clients her ability to work with opposing counsel to find a common ground, even when it appears the matter has reached an impasse. 

She is also a Notary Public for Orleans Parish in Louisiana.

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