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Joanne Rinardo labor and employment attorney

Joanne Rinardo


504 593 0616

New Orleans, LA

Ms. Rinardo defends clients in employment and constitutional claims. She is best known for litigation involving Title VII, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, and Family Medical Leave Act, as well as general employment claims.

Ms. Rinardo has defended 60 EEOC and/or comparable state agency charges in a tri-state area over a two-year period with no findings of “cause” issued against the client.   She also advises clients in developing best practices, policies and procedures to avoid claims.

Ms. Rinardo has a Ph.D. degree in education and has taught graduate courses in educational law at the University of New Orleans. In her educational law practice, she has represented both small independent grammar, middle and high schools, as well as a large state university in all types of employment matters and student related issues. Ms. Rinardo provides consultation to her clients on employment practices, provides litigation representation, provides training to schools on various topics, develops employment policies, drafts handbooks for staff and students, and assists schools with employment and due process issues. 

For almost twenty years, Ms. Rinardo was employed by the New Orleans Public Schools. As an administrator for NOPS, she supervised approximately 75 employees and twice served on the management bargaining team that addressed the concerns of thousands of union employees. 

“I work with clients to assist the development of employment practices and policies designed specifically for their individual needs.”

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