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Richard Montgomery commercial real estate and transaction attorney

Richard B. Montgomery III


504 593 0663

New Orleans, LA

Mr. Montgomery is a commercial real estate and transactional attorney. He represents clients in complex commercial real estate transactions in Louisiana and collaborates with co-counsel on transactions outside of Louisiana.

He prepares and helps clients negotiate purchase agreements for commercial sales and acquisitions.  He often works with common law state lenders who require advice and assistance with Louisiana law as it pertains to and affects contracts related to their transactions, securitized loans, and asset-based lending.

Mr. Montgomery has extensive experience with hotel acquisition and construction financing transactions.  Recently, Mr. Montgomery was involved in the purchase and renovation of the Pontchartrain Hotel, a historic hotel on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans.

Mr. Montgomery also has extensive experience in commercial leasing transactions in Louisiana.  He is often sought out by parties from outside Louisiana for his expertise in review of commercial leasing contracts and leasing matters as they pertain to Louisiana law.  In his tenure, Mr. Montgomery has created numerous specialized retail lease agreements.

Mr. Montgomery is also a commercial business lawyer.  He assists with the formation of both corporations and limited liability companies. He further represents many of these clients in the area of general business advice. He provides legal review and negotiates the details of numerous commercial contracts they encounter in their general business practices.

Mr. Montgomery has served as a speaker at various real estate seminars and as an active member and supporter of various professional, civic and nonprofit organizations.     
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