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Joshua G. Keller civil litigation attorney

Joshua G. Keller


504 593 0735

New Orleans, LA

As a New Orleans defense litigator, Mr. Keller represents individuals, corporations, non-profits, excess and UM insurers, and manufacturers in a wide variety of products liability matters.

Mr. Keller’s work involves a wide variety of claims from auto accidents to defamation and business interruption claims defending individuals to corporations.  In his most recent jury trials, Mr. Keller achieved three successful verdicts. With an average of roughly $23M demanded per jury trial, Mr. Keller was able to drop the amount awarded to an average of $1M.

Currently, Mr. Keller is helping clients tackle the costs of future medical expenses in personal injury litigation and debunk the myths of concussions.

Mr. Keller is married with three children and is a parishioner of St. Francis of Assisi.  He enjoys reading, playing golf and fishing.

"With my clients, I take pride in being responsive, open-minded and honest. With my colleagues, I try to be honest, deliberate and candid."
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