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Sloan Abernathy

Sloan L. Abernathy


504 593 0601

New Orleans, LA

An ardent litigator, Sloan Abernathy has a passion for the law that shows in his motion practice and advocacy skills in the courtroom. From day one of handling a case, he works zealously with his clients to develop effective and result-driven defense strategies tailored to their needs and always mindful of the bottom line. His focus areas include personal injury defense, automobile liability, trucking and commercial transportation, premises liability, employer-employee liability and insurance coverage.

Prior to entering private practice, Sloan worked as an Assistant District Attorney for Jefferson Parish, prosecuting felony cases ranging from residential burglary and distribution of narcotics, to rape, racketeering and murder.  He gained extensive courtroom and trial experience and developed  the poise needed to respond quickly and effectively to issues that often can arise unexpectedly in the courtroom and other litigation forums.  Drawing on the skills he developed as a prosecutor, Sloan is a compelling litigator who works fervently to defend his clients, instilling in them a resolute sense of confidence that their interests are being protected at every stage of the litigation. 

Sloan also had the fortune of serving as a federal judicial law clerk after he graduated law school.  He worked closely with a United States District Court judge to prepare orders and opinions addressing motions for summary judgment and other dispositive motions that involved complex and often highly technical legal issues particular to specialized practice areas such as employment law, civil rights litigation, social security disability and mass tort, among others. This experience gave him the unique perspective of analyzing motions and legal briefs from the perspective of the jurist, as opposed to the practitioner, and has been highly beneficial to his motion practice and proficiency in legal writing and research.  Sloan has prevailed on motions presented in jurisdictions across the state that resulted in dismissal of claims brought against his clients as well as non-dispositive rulings advantageous to his client’s position in the litigation. 

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